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Useful Links

Catholic Diocese of Nottingham
The official website for the Diocese of Nottingham

Vatican: the Holy See
The official website of the Vatican 

Saint Bernadette's  Parish, Scunthorpe
Our neighbours in Scunthorpe

St Mary's Parish, Brigg and St Augustine Webster Parish, Barton
Two more of our Deanery neighbours

St Norbert's, Crowle and St Thomas's, Gainsborough
And the other two parishes

Saint Augustine Webster Catholic Primary School
Our Parish Primary School

Saint Bede's Catholic School
Our Parish and Deanery Secondary School

The official CAFOD web site

Spiritual Reading and Inspiration
From the University of Creighton in Nebraska USA

Coalition for Marriage
Sign the petition supporting the traditional understanding of marriage

Year of Faith Links

Year of Faith Logo.jpg

Click here for the official Vatican 'Year of Faith' website. Thank you for permission to use the logo!

Click here for resources prepared for Catholics in England and Wales.

Click here for our special Diocesan 'Year of Faith' website including video clips recorded by Bishop Malcolm