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Tour of Holy Souls Church

Interactive tour of the windows in Holy Souls Church

The majority of these windows were erected during the period 1929 - 1949, when the late Father Albert Larkin was the Parish Priest. However, because of the restrictions due to world War II 1939 - 1945, quite a few that would have been put in during these years were installed in 1946, at the same time as some in memory of people from the Parish who had been killed in action. A few more were added in the 1950's, but as it became unlikely that many of the remaining windows would be stained glass, Father Andrew V. Murdoch suggested in the 1960's that they should be rearranged with the original leaded light windows on either side to give a more balanced effect, and let in more light. This was done, but as a consequence, they are no longer in order of date, except for the windows above the sanctuary.

Click on the coloured shapes to view pictures of the windows

  1. The first stained glass was inserted in the central window in the sanctuary which depicts Christ the King in the upper part, and four smaller sections below showing Our Lord's baptism by St. John, and portrayals of The Archangels Gabriel and Raphael, and was paid for by a bequest from Mr. John Hanlon in the early 1930's.
  2. In 1936, when it was the Silver Jubilee of the Church four windows were given by subscriptions from the congregation. These are of Our Lady of Lourdes with St Bernadette, St John Fisher,
  3. St Thomas More (canonised the previous year), and one of St. Therese of Lisieux
  4.  Shortly afterwards the next four were installed. Two of these were given by Father Lakin in memory of his parents: One being of St. Anne with Our Ladyand the other of
  5.  St. John the Divine. Various people contributed to those of St. Patrick and St. Francis of Assisi
  6.  In 1942, Father Lakin celebrated his Silver Jubilee as a priest, and the window portraying St Edward the Confessor on the north side of the sanctuary was given at the time. The windows on either side of it are of St Jude, in memory of Mrs. Mary Ann Chamberlain who was one of the first parishioners in Scunthorpe, and St. Thomas (Apostle), in memory of Thomas and Mary Stanford.
  7. Opposite on the south side is a group of three windows showing St. Elizabeth, St Zachary with St. John the Baptist visiting Our Lady and the Child Jesus while St. Joseph looks on. These were given by the Grasar family in memory of William Matthew Grasar, who used to print "The Dowry of Mary" magazine, which was a Catholic publication with a wide circulation. The printing works were adjacent to the church land were eventually purchased by the parish and converted to Holy Souls Church Hall.
  8. The Annunciation and Our LadyCrowned giving the Rosary to St Dominic
    and are in memory of Sarah Jane and Thomas Maloney. The next is of
  9. St. Joseph and the Child Jesus- in memory of William and Mary Ann Johnson.
    St Catherine - donated by the Gilgallon family.
  10.  St Helen- in memory of Denis Gilgallon (Senior)
    St. Stanislaus Kostka (as an altar server) - given by the Squires Section of the Knights St. Columba after the end of World War II.
  11. St John of Beverley- in memory of Fred and Louise Dixon
    St. Julia - in memory of Timothy and Julia Sugrue (given by Miss K. Sugrue who was Father Lakin's housekeeper).
  12.  St Elizabeth of Hungary- in memory of Eleanor Brooks.
    St Maurice - in memory of Major Maurice Turnbull.
  13. The Assumption of Our Lady- in memory of Mary Ellen McDonagh.
  14. The Rose windowat the west end was installed by subscription from the parishioners to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Church in 1961. The idea of numerous small pieces of glass in various colours was intended to represent the Holy Souls.
  15. Below the rose window a group of four windows depict the slaughter of theHoly Innocents
  16. .and Our Lord receiving little children, given by Mr. And Mrs. James Sarafield and family in thanksgiving.
  17.  Under the Church tower one window remains in what used to be the baptistery. It is in memory of Margaret Windsor and showsOur Lady of Sorrows seated.
  18. St Anthony- in memory of John and Margaret Downey, Mary Guesford and William and Margaret Anne Oades.St Michael- in memory of John Michael Tierney
  19. St Elizabeth- in memory of Eliza Middlemiss
    St Cecelia- donated by Miss Edith M. Andrews, who used to play the organ for Benediction and gave a lot of her time to the young.
  20. St Brigid- in memory of Brigid Stanford
    St Joan of Arc - in memory of Joan Athow
  21.  Our Lady Mother of the Church- in memory of Mary Stanford
    (Holding Holy Souls Church) is the most recent and was erected in1985
    St Columba - in memory of Deceased Knights of st. Columba Council 211.
  22. Finally above the side door there are two small windows, one ofOur Lady of Sorrowsand the other ofOur Lord Crowned with thorns Ecce Homo. These were given by the sodality of the Children of mary in 1946.